Welcome to the Root Canary project

The Root Canary project ended with the completion of the DNSSEC Root Key Rollover in early 2019.

You can still take the:

Algorithm test

The Root Canary measurements and many other DNS-related measurements can be found on:

NLnet Labs' DNSthought platform

For more information, read our IMC 2019 paper on the DNSSEC Root Key Rollover, for which the Root Canary project provided one of the main sources of data.


The Root Canary project is a collaboration between SURFnet, the University of Twente, Northeastern University, NLnet Labs, SIDN Labs, the RIPE NCC and ICANN.

For more information on the Root Canary project, please contact:

Roland van Rijswijk-Deij <> (University of Twente, NLnet Labs)

Click on "Start test" below to test which DS algorithms and DNSSEC signing algorithms are supported by the DNS resolver(s) configured on your system.

Last updated on July 3, 2020